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I accompanied my sister who was having her child evaluated for ASD by the SCDDSN Autism Division.You could not walk 5 feet without being assaulted by scent.

I work at a scent free agency. Research shows people with Autism/ASD are more sensitive to scents. In fact, Claflin (My School) has done research on this topic. The heavy set sisters were drenched in perfume.

Two older white women were also drenched in perfume. Poor hygiene and old noses/inability to smell does not license you to share that offensive stench. The place reeked of nasty smell. My nephew kept touching his nose and crying.

At one point he went running down a hall towards a copy machine to be blasted by a scented candle one woman had going in her office. The scent was overwhelming. We noticed a woman wearing a mask and assumed it was due to these people's poor hygiene practices. I am so thankful this is not an issue where I work.

Taxpayers should not be exposed to this stench. Now, the filth! The place was disgusting. The furniture we had to sit in was obviously 30 years old, thread bare, and badly stained.

The bathrooms were also filthy. The one we were shown to had dead bugs all over the place. The floors looked to never been mopped. Black filth was everywhere and 4 glade bottles were there on a table.

The bathroom stunk of glade but was so filthy, we dared not sit on anything. This is a public building that should be clean. And the workers should not reek of offensive odors. I feel my nephew's evaluation would have gone smoother without the sensory assault.

Our governor needs to be more aware of the unprofessionalism in her own state rather that trying to get herself a job working for the president elect.Shame on her for subjecting taxpayers to such filth/stench.

This person wrote the review because of not as described at South Carolina Department Of Disabilities And Special Needs. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants South Carolina Department Of Disabilities And Special Needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The most disappointing in user's experience was filth and stench of multiple fragrances. If you have a chance, please contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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I know the building.They have a bad mold problem there.

My friend there is sick constantly. They actually let the roof leak (cascading down walls) for well over a year. They just covered the mold with ceiling tiles, but you can smell the dank smell. In some places the mold is visible.

It is black mold. DHEC was contacted, and so were senators, representatives, but nothing has been done.

Typical state cover-up!

Sequoia Building, Cola, SC

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